In data we trust
Easy, fast & accurate underwriting
We help insurers and banks to automate processes with our fast-quoting underwriting system based on Open Data Analytics
In data we trust - Easy, fast & accurate underwriting
WENALYZE, within the framework of the ICEX NEXT initiative, has the support of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and the co-financing of the ERDF to develop its International Expansion Plan 2020-2024.
About Wenalyze
We are an Open Data analytics platform for the commercial insurance and banking sectors.

Our solution allows underwriters to optimize their processes and to improve the risk assessment of their SME clients. By simply introducing basic information about their clients, our platform collects and automatically processes the data.

This process allows underwriters to automize their tasks, by identifying new risks and updating any wrong data field. Our platform also analyzes risks allowing insurance to make better decisions on the prime levels during the incorporation or renewal processes of their clients.
With Wenalyze you will:
Automate processes
100% automatization
Save time
48 days per year increased capacity
Increase data quality
85% more precise
Improve your loss ratio
An improvement of 3%
Aggregate data easily
Any type of connectivity
Save millions every year
Save up to $3 Million per year

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Our sustainable compromise:
We want to exploit the power of Open Data for helping you to get to know better your SME clients in order to benefit those companies with more sustainable policies.

We also contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals 5, 9, 11, and 13.
Award-Winning Technology
Winner MundiLab
We started projects with main insurance and reinsurance companies in Spain, Peru, and Colombia
Participant at Spain Tech Center in Silicon Valley Spring program
Global Finalist of Zurich Innovation Championship 2020
Finalist at InsurTech NY Spring 2020 Conference
Global Finalist of ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge 2020
We enter Go:Hub Accelerator by Global Omnium
Finalists Insurtech Hartford Innovation Challenge
Winners Capital 4 Startups by Startup VLC
Winners Best Startup of the Year by Valencia City Council
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