Corportate sustainability polls
Published on 10 de November de 2021
Companies Sustainability polls and Wenalyze

Over the last months, we have been launching several corporate sustainability polls in our LinkedIn profile. The main objective of these polls was to get to know better the environmental factors that are taken into account nowadays inside companies.

Here we present you an infographic that collects general information about the results of the data obtained. Consecutively, there is all the detailed information related to each of the questions.

Corporate sustainability polls results

Sustainable development goals (SDG) implementation

In the question related to the Sustainable Development Goals, the results were positive. A total of 63% of the interviewers implemented them, specifically, 50% of the answers indicated that they have been already implementing the SDGs for a long time. On the other hand, 17%
of the interviewers remarked that inside their companies, they are already thinking about implementing them.

Additionally, nobody stated that they were not interested in the SDGs. This is an extraordinarily positive fact.

Poll SDG Wenalyze
Poll about SDGs - Wenalyze LinkedIn

Sustainability programs and policies inside companies

We have also asked about Sustainability programs or policies established inside companies. 43% of the interviewed people affirmed that their companies have been implementing them for a short amount of time, and another 43% of the interviewers answered that their companies are already thinking about implementing them. A total amount of 86% of the answers.

However, 14% of the interviewed people answered that in their companies they are not even thinking about implementing this type of policy in the future.

Poll Sustainable policies Wenalyze
Poll about policies inside companies - Wenalyze LinkedIn

Carbon Footprint measurement

About the question related to the carbon footprint, the responses to this question are varied. A total amount of 50% of the interviewers’ companies are already measuring the footprint, specifically, 17% answered that they are doing it for a long time already. However, 33% of the answers show how they would like to start measuring it, but do not know where to start. And 17% of the responses indicate that they have no interest in starting to measure it.

Poll Carbon footprint Wenalyze
Poll about carbon footprint - Wenalyze LinkedIn

Cloud Computing implementation

About cloud computing, we launched this question because we consider that implementing this technology means relevant savings in energy and emissions for a corporate. The results of this question have been remarkably positive since 75% of the answers indicate that their companies have already implemented cloud services. Specifically, 50% have been making use of this technology for a long time already. 25% of the respondants are thinking about using cloud computing and nobody answered that they are not thinking about it.

Poll Cloud computing Wenalyze
Poll about Cloud Computing - Wenalyze LinkedIn

In conclusion, a significant amount of companies are environmentally conscious or are starting to implement measures step by step. This is a good sign because compared with the number of responses of companies that answered in a negative way, the positive ones stand out. At Wenalyze, we encourage insurers to join the environmental challenge by developing small actions.

Taking into account that over the last years the tendency to find punishments for non-sustainable companies is increasing, we strongly recommend preventing it because the more measures the more chances to close pollutant enterprises.

And, what about you. What do you think about the results of the polls? We read you in the comments below.