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sostenibilidad medioambiental wenalyze

Training on environmental sustainability in Wenalyze

Wenalyze's team undergoes training on environmental sustainability in the company, aiming to keep contributing to the climate action.
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Meet Pablo Macián Global Partnership Director at Zurich

Meet Pablo Macián: Global Partnership Director at Zurich

Today, we interviewed Pablo Macían, Global Partnership Director at Zurich. He explained to us his experience in the insurance sector.
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Is Open Data Reliable for Insurance?

Is Open Data reliable for insurance? Roger Ferrandis explained to us the benefits of this technology. Discover it in this webinar.
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new sustainable insurers with wenalyze

What can insurers do for the environment?

Climate action must be a priority for companies. But... where to start? What can the insurance sector do for the environment?
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How we predict your company’s risk towards adverse situations

Along with the Valencia City Council, we kept developing our platform to predict your company's risk towards adverse situations.
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Compromiso sostenible wenalyze software

Wenalyze’s Sustainable commitment

This is Wenalyze's Sustainable Development Commitment: apart from contributing to the SDG, our platform will analyze sustainable variables.
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Como funciona Wenalyze para ayudar a las PYMEs

How our platform helps SMEs

How our platform helps SMEs by detecting vulnerabilities to strengthen them for ensuring business continuity in adverse economic scenarios.
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Why do we need a technological transformation inside the insurance sector

The insurance sector is known for its invariable services. Since its origins, it has been always offering the same: insurance products that satisfied certain needs. But, what about now? As we have already discussed in previous entries, we are living in the digital era but, to which extent do we need to apply the technological transformation inside the insurance sector?   Today we will explain you 5 reasons why this is time to innovate inside the insurance industry: 1. Fast-Changing world  Changes occur faster than ever, and, even if you are doubting whether you really need to innovate or waiting a bit longer, you should consider that younger generations are digital nomads. In other words, they were born among new technologies, and they get used to them in the blink of an eye. So, it is a good idea to double
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Underwriting Innovation Europe Wenalyze Roger Ferrandis

Wenalyze will participate at Underwriting Innovation Europe

Wenalyze is sponsoring Intelligent Insurer’s Underwriting Innovation Europe Virtual Event (June 28-30) and we hope you can join us there! With 1000+ attendees, 45+ speakers and 15+ hours of content (all available on demand) it’s a great opportunity to hear top-level underwriting experts debate the next era of underwriting, fueled by an abundance of data and emerging technology.    On Tuesday 29th June at 17:20 CEST, our COO and Co-Founder Roger Ferrandis will be one of the speakers of the panel Underwriting Insurtech Showcase in which he will explain how to leverage online data sources to optimize commercial insurance processes. You’ll also be able to listen to C-level speakers from the world’s biggest insurers sharing how they’re driving efficiencies and improving the customer experience in underwriting. The agenda is addressing
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Drivers of change inside of the Insurance Sector with Wenalyze

Which are the drivers of change inside the Insurance Sector?

Insurers must be aware of the drivers of change inside the insurance sector and invest in them in order to attract the new clients.
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trends insurance

Trends in the insurance sector

How will the future of our industry be? We present you some of the trends in the insurance sector for the following years.
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El mundo que viene

We discussed about the insurance sector of the future in “El Mundo Que Viene”

“El mundo que viene” was organized by Banco Sabadell and Startup Valencia for Hub Empresas. On April 20th, Carlos Albo (CEO and founder at Wenalyze) participated in the monthly virtual event “El mundo que viene”, organized by BStartup of Banco Sabadell and Startup Valencia for Hub Empresa. In this case, the event was focused on discussing how it is going to be the insurance sector of the future, and how it incorporates innovation and technological advances into its day-to-day operations, in order to offer a better service to the consumer. During his speech, Albo presented Wenalyze’s business model, and highlighted the need inside the sector for “start working seriously on data analysis, since companies will stake their profitability margin on a deep knowledge of
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Commercial Lines Innovation USA Wenalyze Intelligent Insurer Events

Wenalyze will participate at Commercial Lines Innovation USA

Wenalyze will be participating at Commercial Lines Innovation USA Virtual (May 18 - 20) along with 1000+ attendees, 40+ speakers and 12+ hours of content.
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Beneficios de las insurtech open data

5 Benefits of the implementation of Insurtech

The forth industrial revolution arrived to the insurance sector thanks to insurtech: discover the benefits of implementing this technology.
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Innovation inside the insurance sector

How the pandemic boosted innovation within the insurance industry

During the past years, the insurance sector was already experiencing a timid evolution towards more digitalized process. However, the current situation and the pandemic are boosting a faster change. Also, it is important to take into consideration that clients are not looking for the same products anymore. Their lifestyle changed, and so do their needs.
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nuevas incorporaciones open data insurtech wenalyze

New Team Members

Two new team members in Wenalyze's family: Robin Urzagaste as Director of Business Development and Vanesa Martínez as Digital Marketing Manager.
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Inifinitech workshops

H2020 Infinitech Stakeholders’ Workshop Series

Carlos Albo, CEO, and Roger Ferrandis, COO, of Wenalyze will be participating in different panels at the Infinitech H2020 Infinitech Stakeholders' Workshop Series. On March 24th, 3 different sessions will be held online on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics applied to personalised, Usage Based and Configurable Insurance Products.
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Reach Incubator selects Wenalyze

Reach Incubator selects Wenalyze

Reach Incubator selects Wenalyze among almost 200 companies from all over Europe that have applied for this innovative project incubation program
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Wenalyze enters GoHub Accelerator, Global Omnium’s program to boost sustainable industrial digitization

Wenalyze enters GoHub Accelerator GoHub, Global Omnium’s open innovation hub, has incorporated six new deep tech startups in the second edition of its acceleration program, including Wenalyze, which is the only one in the insurtech and fintech sectors. Following the success of the first GoHub Accelerator call developed in 2020, more than 800 startups from all over Spain and different European countries have applied to the selection process called in September. It is worth remembering that the program is still open. The chosen companies, in the growth phase, offer innovative solutions in various sectors and help the exponential transformation of the industrial fabric through business intelligence, data analytics, predictive technologies, cybersecurity or testing of virtual environments, in order to automate processes, optimize costs and
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Innovacion Aseguradora

¿Para qué sirve el Open Data en las aseguradoras?

Insurer Innovation started its cycle of Webinars last December under the title "What is Open Data for in insurance companies?" from the hand of Wenalyze, an expert company in Big Data
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