With Wenalyze, SMEs will be able to assess their risks in the face of other pandemics

Wenalyze, the Spanish startup specialised in open data analysis, has presented to the European Union a project to monitor SMEs and analyse their risks and strengths in situations such as the coronavirus pandemic currently affecting the whole world.

In this way Wenalyze is responding to the call that the Union has made to the whole sector to develop technologies that could help to combat the outbreak of COVID-19 that can be rapidly financed by the EU.

Coronavirus y Pymes Wenalyze

Wenalyze’s proposal consists in the development of an analytical platform of big data and automatic learning for the organisation of an early warning system, risk assessment of the impact of COVID19 and other pandemics on SMEs, as well as an automated system of assessment and classification of the company’s preparedness for business continuity.

The analysis platform takes the information from open sources of the smallest companies, which represent 90% of the economic activity of the countries of the Union, and allows the adoption of personalized systems of prevention and management of emergencies in order to avoid the discontinuity of the activity.

In short, it is a warning system so that SMEs can prepare themselves in real time in an appropriate manner with the help of public administrations and also so that governments and national and supranational organisations can devote resources more efficiently to avoid economic paralysis.

The main objective of the Wenalyze platform is to reduce by up to 40% the consequences of the economic slowdown resulting from the COVID19 by ensuring the continued operation of SMEs in this type of situation with the support of governments.

Wenalyze te ayuda a evitar que tus clientes PYME cierren por el COVID-19

Benefits of the platform

The main benefits of using the platform would be, in the previous phase, to detect and act on SMEs that do not present levels of guarantee of business continuity so that they are prepared in case it happens.

During the pandemic or emergency situation, the tool can know the condition of each company individually, which would mean a more efficient application of the aids and also if these companies are part of complex and necessary productive processes for emergency supplies, to guarantee their continuity.

Finally, after the pandemic, the tool will allow the evaluation and control of the evolution of the measures and aids to the companies.

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