EU hackathon to fight covid-19
Published on 28 de April de 2020

Wenalyze takes part in the Hackaton to fight against covid-19

Wenalyze has participated this weekend in the EuvsVirus event, an EU hackathon to fight covid-19 organized by the European Commission and led by the European Innovation Council, which aimed at developing innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic.

Wenalyze’s team raised in the hackathon how open data analysis can contribute to lessening the economic effects of a pandemic like the one the world is suffering right now. is an online hackathon across Europe organized by the most nationally connected players. It is based on national hackatons already made to allow fast execution of brilliant solutions. It is a call to action for all citizens of the world, regardless of their origin and ability, to participate in the fight against covid-19, and in which Spanish companies like Wenalyze, have had a prominent presence, to the point of being one of the countries with greater representation.

As the Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, pointed out with regard to the hackathon, “I am sure that the solutions that emerge from this unique event will be of great benefit to European citizens and the world in general“.

This hackathon was supported by the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee