How our platform helps SMEs
Published on 22 de July de 2021
Como funciona Wenalyze para ayudar a las PYMEs

In previous posts, we have already talked about our commitment to local small businesses after the covid-19 crisis along with #RetosVLC initiative of VLC Tech City and Valencia Activa of Valencia City Council. So today, we are going to explain how our platform helps SMEs.

Thanks to our technology, we detect SMEs’ vulnerabilities to strengthen them for ensuring business continuity in adverse economic scenarios. Now, we are going to explain how our platform works:


Our platform is easily adaptable and customizable for any type of company. We understand that every business has its own different needs, and the use of these risk assessment solutions to promote business continuity. It also needs to be adapted to the sector’s activity, as well as to the size or activity of the company.


Real-time results and segmentation

Our solution performances a constant analysis in real-time. In addition, the company does not have to complete all the data points, since most of the information that is needed for the analysis is obtained from open data sources that are available online.

Wenalyze’s solution allows the segmentation and classification of companies. We do not address general policies, but cases. In addition, it has been demonstrated that the Valencian SME ecosystem is very important and that both here and in any country in the world, small companies are the most affected by crises and pandemic situations.

Resultados en tiempo real y segmentación Wenalyze


Our Big Data Analytics platform is highly scalable and replicable at any level: local, regional, national or international. Our technology has been tested at the local, national and international levels, as well as in different sectors. Also, our algorithms perform semantic analysis in different languages, such as Valencian, English, Spanish, etc.

Alcance Wenalyze plataforma para ayudar a las PYMEs después de la pandemia