How to build a fast-quoting underwriting system
Published on 30 de April de 2021

Wenalyze broadcasted a webinar last Thursday on how to build a fast-quoting underwriting system. Roger Ferrandis COO & Co-founder of Wenalyze explained the topics of the agenda .

According to Ferrandis “fast-quoting underwriting system is becoming the latest solution to increase the efficiency in insurance underwriting”. During this webinar, he explained the points to take into account prior to the implementation of a fast-quoting underwriting system, starting with the advantages of fast-quoting and its different solutions. He also mentioned different tips for insurers interested in implementing this system and the different types of systems that exist in the market.

Ferrandis also pointed out that “fast-quoting underwriting system provides a quicker, more efficient and more accurate process for risk assessment”. In fact, according to Wenalyze’s testing, “we have seen that you can reduce underwriting process timing from 20 minutes down to 1 second,” as well as simplify the process to the point of only asking customers for their name and address to return a price.

Wenalyze’s COO also provided some examples of platforms that can be used in these systems, and showed some parts of Wenalyze’s interface, such as the data upload screen and the type of results analyzed.

With this webinar was hold in English. Wenalyze shows its commitment to the international market, in which they are already present through different projects both across Europe and America.

The Webinar is available on Wenalyze’s YouTube channel.