We discussed about the insurance sector of the future in “El Mundo Que Viene”
Published on 21 de April de 2021

“El mundo que viene” was organized by Banco Sabadell and Startup Valencia for Hub Empresas.

On April 20th, Carlos Albo (CEO and founder at Wenalyze) participated in the monthly virtual event “El mundo que viene”, organized by BStartup of Banco Sabadell and Startup Valencia for Hub Empresa. In this case, the event was focused on discussing how it is going to be the insurance sector of the future, and how it incorporates innovation and technological advances into its day-to-day operations, in order to offer a better service to the consumer.

During his speech, Albo presented Wenalyze’s business model, and highlighted the need inside the sector for “start working seriously on data analysis, since companies will stake their profitability margin on a deep knowledge of their customers and their specific needs. And the study of open source data allows us to do so”.

“El mundo que viene” is a monthly meeting point for all types of companies, both innovative and traditional, that want to anticipate to new business models and social trends.

The round table, moderated by Sara Benslaiman, Vice President Global Head of Insurance at ForceManager, also included Claudio Chiesa, CEO BanSabadell Vida, BanSabadell Pensiones and BanSabadell Seguros Generales; Ruth Puente, COO of Bdeo, and Vicente Arias, CEO and founder of Coverfy.