Interview with Maggie Levasseur: Manager Commercial Lines New Business Underwriting
Published on 7 de April de 2022
Maggie Interview Innovative Insurance Products Commercial Lines

Today, we interview Maggie Levasseur: Commercial Lines New Business Underwriting Manager at Mapfre. Her professional career in the insurance sector started more than 20 years ago. Since then she has built an outstanding career in Commercial Lines Underwriting, being recently promoted as Manager.

Discover more about her daily challenges, how she kept growing inside the industry, and more curiosities about Maggie Levasseur now:

Maggie Interview

I’m more than happy to advocate for Wenalyze! You guys gave me an extremely positive experience with my first real InsurTech and the knowledge and learnings I took away from working with you were immense for me and my personal growth! Thanks for allowing me to work with you on this!

What is your area and your role?

I am a Commercial Lines New Business Underwriting Manager.

What path have you followed to become Commercial New Business Underwriting Manager?

I have been in commercial insurance for 23 years. I started in rating/policy services and worked my way through the ranks. I have handled many aspects of commercial lines’ company functions; rating, underwriting, business development and marketing, production underwriting, analyst, renewal team supervisor to my current role.

Having knowledge of so many different aspects of the company ops from a commercial perspective gives me an excellent overall understanding of the inner workings and what it takes to be successful from many angles.

What does the post-pandemic scenario look like? What changes have you noticed in your area?

Covid has been a challenge for everyone. Finding ways to maintain relationships with agencies in an environment where it is very difficult to visit face to face has been challenging, but we found ways to stay in touch, we embraced Zoom, WebEx, and MS Teams, and those platforms have really allowed us to keep our relationships strong.

The pandemic has been a dynamic that we were all thrust into both in our personal and professional lives. While it has been a long couple of years, I am looking forward to getting back to normal.

What challenges and opportunities do you see next year?

I see more opportunities than challenges!

While challenges are always present, those challenges lead the way to opportunities.

How and why is it important Data Analytics in your area?

Data analytics is very important to our industry. When we partnered with Wenalyze we noted a reduced time spent on underwriting risks, which translates to more time soliciting additional business.

What is the future of Open Data in your area? Do you think there is still a margin of improvement?

In my opinion, the sky is the limit with this. Integrations and data aggregation really help drive underwriters to be able to make, not only quick decisions but, well-informed decisions.

How likely are you to recommend Open Data tools based on your work with Wenalyze?

I learned so much from working with Wenalyze and have a new understanding of the advantages that are gained by using tools that can aggregate vast amounts of data and put that data into a useful, easy-to-read, and valuable tool for underwriting.

I am sure the application of these types of platforms has the capability to provide valuable data far beyond the commercial lines underwriting desk. I know that Wenalyze is an Insurtech that listens to the needs of their clients and adjusts to what best fits for that market/client and does not try to fit a square peg into a round hole, that is what made our pilot so successful.

Thanks a lot Maggie Levasseur for your time! See you very soon at our interview series!