Is Open Data Reliable for Insurance?
Published on 5 de October de 2021

Even if nowadays, more and more insurers implement Open Data technology in their underwriting processes. However, is Open Data reliable? This is the question that Roger Ferrandis, COO and Co-Founder at Wenalyze, asked the audience of our latest Webinar.

During the webinar, Roger explained how Open Data works and how apart from being reliable, it is also useful for making pricing decisions. He also explained some befits of this technology, such as how it can speed up processes and keep the data of clients updated. For illustrating it, Roger used some examples.

Roger highlighted that Open Data is already being implemented for both risk assessment and underwriting processes. Its reliability relies on choosing the data in a valid way, since then they will be totally accurate, and we will be able to make pricing decisions based on these data sources.

In case you missed the webinar, you can still watch it here (puedes activar los subtítulos a castellano)