Infinitech H2020
Infinitech h2020 is a platform for testing IoT and Big Data products, in our case SMEs insurance products, inside the Financial and Insurance European Ecosystem.

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Infinitech H2020 – Big Data, IA e loT




To develop a platform for setting up SMEs insurance products in a test environment for IoT and Big Data on smart, independent and personalized services inside of the Financial and Insurer European Ecosystem.


21 million Euros

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Infinitech H2020

Project funded by Horizon 2020 – European Union



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Project Related News:

Wenalyze - Infinitech H2020
European Commission awards Infinitech consortium, in which Wenalyze takes part, a grant worth more than 15 million euros
Wenalyze - Infinitech H2020
Commercial Insurance in a Post-Covid World: the creation of insurance products has always been based on the analysis of old data available at institutions, so underwriting departments have past data to make coverage changes or launch new products.
Wenalyze - RegTech
We took part in the RegTech Festival 2020 of Accenture Digital Hub. In this event, we presented our BigData Analytics platform as well as our ongoing projects as Infinitech H2020. Thanks to this project, we are developing a platform for the setup of insurance products for SMEs, based on the analysis of large amounts of digital data for the setting up of the insurance product proposals.
Wenalyze - Matchmaking Event
Wenalyze presented its services to the Swiss market at the Matchmaking Event last week in Zurich. The meeting was sponsored by ICEX Spain Export and Investment with the aim of assessing the possibilities offered by the Swiss market for the FinTech sector and to present the range of services offered by Spanish companies in the sector.