#RetosVLC: Innovation for Saving SMEs
Published on 1 de July de 2021
Restos Valencia Tech City y Wenalyze

What does it mean #RetosVLC?

#RetosVLC is an initiative of the Valencia City Council together with València Activa and VLC Tech City. The objective is to search for pilot projects with innovative technology-based solutions capable of helping small Valencian companies to recover and transform themselves after the post-COVID-19 crisis. In other words, innovation for saving SMEs.

At Wenalyze we know that getting back to normal is going to be a challenge. Therefore, we wanted to join this initiative to help SMEs with our Open Data Analytics platform.

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Wenalyze and #RetosVLC

Our contribution to #RetosVLC consists of developing a system to monitor small and medium enterprises constantly to detect their vulnerabilities, support to improve their contingency plans, and business continuity in case of systemic crises.

It is important to emphasize that after the quarantine plus more than a year living together with COVID-19, 67% of SMEs now recognize the importance of implementing new technologies within their companies to adapt and cope with the crisis. Our goal is to use our solution to make an impact in Valencia. Thanks to our platform, both companies, and public administrations will discover their weak points to improve.

Even if our solution will make an impact in all different areas, it will be more noticeable in the social and economic areas. The pandemic threatens to paralyze the world’s economic growth and even cause an economic setback of up to 10 years, the consequences of which will be most noticeable in the weakest and most humble groups, as well as in the generation of employment.

Restos Valencia Tech City y Wenalyze

How does our solution work?

Our Open Data Analytics platform will be able to analyze data sources to detect vulnerabilities within SMEs. In this way, it will be possible to implement the necessary measures on time and make recommendations for improvement. The business continuity will be also managed by our platform. In case of an emergency, it will be possible to apply the resources available to banks, governments, and public administrations to mitigate the effects of the crisis in the most efficient way.

In addition, our tool will monitor the status of the companies in real-time, prevent extreme situations before they occur, and thus be able to reduce the economic consequences of such situations, also reducing the impact by at least 40%.

In situations like this, at Wenalyze we believe that cooperation and help are the most important thing. Also, we believe in innovation for saving SMEs. And you, have you already joined the #RetosVLC?

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