At Wenalyze, we collect data from hundreds of Open Data sources.

But now, we want to go a step forward...


Insurance & bank corporates will be able to analyze different variables in the scoring processes, among them our sustainability indicators.

Those SMEs companies that are performing greener actions will be benefited from bonuses or discounts.


  • We want to encourage SMEs to develop climate actions and, with our sustainable indicators, we give them a reason.
  • We want banks & insurers to keep developing green policies, aligning with the SDG 13.
  • We want to use our specialty, the power of Open Data analytics, to contribute to the fight against climate change.
We are the only player that provides sustainable indicators
Additionally, we have been always aligned with the following UN Sustainable development goals.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Recently, we achieved our goal of parity inside our team.

Additionally, in our code of ethics, we state the following actions to reach equality of opportunities:

  • Raising awareness of gender equality among managers’ of our team
  • Specific policies for recruiting and internal promotion
  • Labor flexibility and conciliation
  • Active management of variabilities for accelerating gender balance.

Currently, our main objective is to accelerate equality at high levels of responsibility and among software developers and data scientists.

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

One of our goals is to achieve target 9.3 of SDG 9: improve the access of SMEs to financial services.

Our most remarkable action towards this goal was to cooperate with the Valencia City Council for the development of a platform that helps local SMEs
to detect risk situations with our BCR (Business Continuity Rating). Then, small businesses will be able to anticipate adverse situations.

Target 9.3 emphasizes the need of supporting small enterprises -particularly in developing countries- to acquire financial services, including affordable credit, and their integration into value chains and markets.

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Thanks to our sustainable indicators, with our platform it is possible to develop underwriting processes taking into account the environmental scoring of an SME. This way, we booster sustainability among SMEs

The insurance companies can use it for granting premiums.

SDG 13: Climate Action

We impacted SDG 13 in several ways already. For example, with our sustainability indicators that measure sustainability inside SMEs. The more
companies are committed to sustainability, the stronger we will fight against climate change.

To achieve this SDG we also have migrated information-gathering systems, robots, and machine computing to the cloud, reducing our CO2 emissions by up to 88%.

Additionally, our suppliers offer us the maximum guarantees of near-zero-emissions and consumption based on clean energies.

Last but not least, we signed up for an electronic devices recycling program inside our company.