Our technology
Fast, simple, and accurate
Time changes, and thanks to our technology, commercial insurance processes will never be the same.
Reduce underwriting times
From 20 minutes to only 2 seconds underwriting by prefilling quotes with automated open data collection.
Increase data quality
Leveraging open data to verify, update, and enrich data. Identifying events to discover businesses new insurance needs.
Improve loss ratio
Enabling insurers to make better pricing decisions by assessing risks with high quality data and non-traditional risk indicators.
The insurer sends data including business name and address.
Business information is matched and processed from hundreds of Open Data Sources.
Data is automatically analyzed, compared, updated, verified, and enriched by Wenalyze AI Proprietary Algorithm.
Enriched high-quality data is sent back to the insurer enabling automation and optimization.
3% Loss Ratio Improvement: 50,000 SME portfolio carrier saved $ 3 Million per year.
85% Clients Data Quality Increase: analyzed portfolio to update clients risks assessment after pandemic.
90% Underwriting Automation: transformed manual underwriting into a 2-click process.

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