The Digital Insurance Client of 2023
Published on 23 de March de 2023

The insurance industry is currently undergoing a digital transformation with the emergence of new technologies, which is completely changing the way insurers interact with their clients. This year, the industry must focus its efforts on incorporating quality digital services and user-friendly platforms to satisfy clients’ demands.

That’s why, in this article, you’ll find out what the digital insurance customer expects from the industry in 2023 and beyond.

1. Characteristics of the digital customer

Improving the customer experience is driving the insurance industry toward technological transformation. This is because the demand for digital services is increasingly winning market share, and insurance clients value companies that are flexible and unbureaucratic.

It is understandable then that almost half of customers in the UK and Spain prefer to access their final insurance purchase fully online. As digital consumers, they prioritize connectivity, quality, and transparency of service.

In 2023, insurers will have to adapt their products to the future of commercial insurance, where customer service and technological advances will be key.


2. Opportunities and Challenges

This year, insurance companies have a great opportunity to invest in digitalization. Currently, three quarters of insurance companies are increasing their budgets to create digital strategies, because those that enable a fluid digital customer experience will be able to grow in the future and stand out from the competition.

However, the implementation of these technologies can also be a challenge, as insurers may face legal or economic barriers that make it difficult to incorporate them. For this reason, joining forces with InsurTech is a great opportunity for these companies to offer their services, saving time and money, and being able to respond to new demands in a more efficient way.


3. How to attract the clients of 2023

For years, insurance companies have been focused on attracting clients with traditional profiles, but nowadays, it is essential to know how to capture the attention of digital customers.

Insurers will need to prioritize the customer experience and increase personalized policies, incorporating the use of AI to anticipate clients’ needs and also create innovative products that go beyond traditional insurance offerings.

In addition, investments in Insurtech increased by 38% in 2022, making it clear that they are the future of the industry. Partnerships with InsurTech allow insurers to be more transparent and innovative, increasing customer trust and positioning themselves as leaders in the digital insurance market.


In conclusion, new digital client demands are accelerating the digitalisation of the industry with the support of AI and InsurTech to create new, more efficient, and innovative products. Finding ways to incorporate new technologies into the industry will be decisive this year to find the transformative response that customers are expecting.

Solutions like Wenalyze are here to help you meet the demands of your clients. Contact us to find out more about how to attract digital customers in 2023.