Training on environmental sustainability in Wenalyze
Published on 14 de October de 2021

For us, sustainability is one of our values. We help SMEs to become more sustainable through our indicators also participate in other actions such as recycling, or waste reduction actions. However, now we want to go one step further. Wenalyze employees undergo training on environmental sustainability. In this way, apart from collaborating with the environment as a company, there will be actions carried out on a personal level.

The first workshop took place on Wednesday 13, delivered by Carlos Albo, CEO of the company, who explained to everyone the environmental objectives of the business and the insurance sector. These workshops intend to raise awareness of the tasks we perform daily, as well as to develop a culture of sustainability that makes a difference.

The topics discussed were transportation, waste, and energy.


Among the whole team, the most sustainable alternatives for arriving at the office were discussed. Walking, electric scooters, and train/metro as the most popular options among employees. In this way, those employees who can only commute by car have been brought together, so that they can share the journey, thus reducing their emissions.


The principles of the circular economy were explained. In this way, the employees will try to reuse the resources of the company as much as possible. Emphasis was also placed on efficient waste management through recycling and maximum reduction of plastics.


Basic actions such as turning off lights, leaving computers on standby when taking breaks, turning off monitors…. A brainstorming session was held on energy-saving options within the company so that we could all contribute together.

These were the topics covered in the first workshop; more training on environmental sustainability in the company will be held shortly.