How we predict your company’s risk towards adverse situations
Published on 5 de August de 2021
Ayudando a PYMEs a predecir el riesgo

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, inside Wenalyze, we committed ourselves to help the local businesses of our city, Valencia. Thanks to the Valencia City Council, we kept developing our platform to create a solution to help SMEs. Now, we can predict your company’s risk towards adverse situations.

In addition, this solution is the same we presented to the #RetosVLC of VLC Tech City and Valencia Activa. Our aim is to raise awareness of helping small local businesses.

How we help your company

At Wenalyze we work with Open Data. In other words, data that is available online in open sources, such as reviews on the Internet, comments on social networks, websites… We developed a unique solution: if your company is at high risk, you will be on time to react. Thus, you will be able to apply preventive measures before being forced to shut down.

Analisis de Open data para ayudar al comercio local Wenalyze

Simplicity as one of our core values

Our platform is easy to use. Don’t worry if new technologies are not your thing, or if this is the first time you hear tech terms like Open Data. To analyze your company’s risk, you will only need to insert its VAT number into our platform. In a few seconds, you will get the result of your risk assessment.

Plataforma fácil de usar

What type of technology is behind it?

Open Data analysis consists of algorithms that analyze different variables in real-time through Artificial Intelligence. This is actually the same technology used, for example, by customizable devices such as your smartphone or your Alexa.

Big Data e IA en los seguros de PYMEs Wenalyze

Customized to your needs plus real-time results

We understand that all SMEs are different. That’s why at Wenalyze we don’t want you to get adapted to our platform. We will be the ones that get adapted to your company, regardless of your activity or your sector.

In Wenalyze, we are committed to objective 11 of the Sustainable Development goals that supports the development of sustainable cities and communities. This is the reason why we believe that helping local businesses to keep growing is an important step towards sustainable development.

Inteligencia Artificial para ayudar a las pequeñas empresas