We celebrated our 1st Wenalyze day!
Published on 2 de May de 2022

During the latest months, we have been growing considerably. From closing our first seed round to hiring new workers for each department, etc. This progress made us think this was the perfect moment to launch something new: our 1st Wenalyze Day.

What does it mean Wenalyze Day?

Wenalyze Day is an initiative we developed to gather the team in a different atmosphere to create a solid corporate culture, transfer knowledge between generations and learn from each other.

Wenalyze Team 2022
Wenalyze Team 2022

Creating strong corporate culture together

This time, we started explaining the history of Wenalyze and the objectives of each department. In addition, we introduced ourselves through different icebreakers and team-building activities for startups. As we mentioned already, it was the first time we organized this event, but we aim to repeat it at least once per year.

During the day, the different exercises allowed us to learn from each other and understand the challenges we faced professionally. The event results will help us work together towards the same goal and objectives.

Apart from this, Wenalyze Day was the perfect opportunity to welcome all the new incorporations that joined us recently. We shared our values, culture, and vision for the future. Now, everyone is ready to keep revolutionizing the insurance sector with the power of Open Data sources!

More than a team

We also consider the importance of knowing each other better by developing different types of activities together. This is why we had some time to enjoy a typical Valencian lunch together and participate in a team-building activity outside the office.

From the board and the organizers of this event, we would like to thank all the participants: on the one hand, the new team members for choosing Wenalyze as their new company to keep developing their professional careers. On the other hand, the ones who have been working with us for a longer time for their commitment.

Wenalyze Day Corporate Culture Team Building Activities
Team building activities help us to have a stronger corporate culture

This was only the first Wenalyze day, but there will be more! Let’s keep growing together!