Wenalyze News: Incorporating Generative Artificial Intelligence as a New Data Source
Published on 6 de November de 2023

At Wenalyze, we continue to work to improve our products and offer the best service to our customers, so we have incorporated Generative Artificial Intelligence as a new source of data, which has allowed us to incorporate an added value to our services.

1. What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

Generative Artificial Intelligence, also known as GenAI, is a branch of artificial intelligence based on machine learning techniques and neural networks, which focuses on the content creation, such as images, video, audio, or text. The term “generative” is used because it is able to generate new content, based on large amounts of data, which allows it to create a coherent response to an instruction.

2. The Potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence

• Improved classification of commercial activities
We incorporate the potential of GenAI in the classification of business activities for the insurance industry. This technology, by incorporating it as an additional data source, allows us to improve our classification accuracy and help insurers to better understand their SME customers.

• Improved categorisation of payment data
We also use the GenAI to improve the categorisation of payment data, allowing us to obtain more detailed information on payments and to provide our customers with more accurate categorisation.

• Efficient integration of data sources
Another way in which we leverage GenAI is through the efficient integration of small data sources that would otherwise be lost. This technology allows us to gather information from disparate sources and transform it into valuable data for our customers, for example, it allows us to integrate very regional or municipal data sources like the property register of a specific town or county.

• Verification of information
In addition, we have been able to add a new verification layer that enhances the information control algorithms. These algorithms are crucial to maintaining data integrity and ensuring that our customers have confidence in the service we provide.

• International expansion
We have also been able to deepen our data analysis internationally, expanding our ability to collect data on an insurer’s customer regardless of the country in which they are located.

• Increased data density
Because disperse data sources have been reached by the GenAI, the data density increases slightly achieving greater insight into SMEs, leading to better protection for them and better benefits for insurers.

wenalyze incorporates generative artificial intelligence as a new data source

At Wenalyze, we offer a competitive and updated service with the latest technologies, such as Generative Artificial Intelligence, through which we provide added value, gaining access to a greater amount of information and improving its verification.

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