Wenalyze in the top 10 most valued companies in the ICEX Next program
Published on 20 de July de 2020

Wenalyze and ICEX Next program

Wenalyze has positioned itself as one of the 10 best valued firms among the 132 projects presented to the ICEX Next program, the support program aimed at Spanish SMEs that wish to internationalize their business and consolidate their presence abroad called by the ICEX.

For Carlos Albo, Wenalyze’s CEO, “the fact that the project presented by Wenalyze has been so well valued by the ICEX Next evaluation committee is an extra motivation to continue expanding Wenalyze’s business model in an increasing number of markets.

It is worth remembering that the Spanish startup has developed programs in collaboration with companies both in Spain and in other countries such as the United States, Switzerland or Luxembourg, among others.

This is the first ICEX Next 2020 program, which was postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic. In the 8 years of activity of the ICEX Next program, a total of 2,552 companies have benefited, mainly industrial, technology and service sector companies.