Wenalyze’s Sustainable commitment
Published on 23 de July de 2021
Compromiso sostenible wenalyze software

Since 2020, we have aligned ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our objective is to contribute in the fight against climate and environmental change. So today we present you Wenalyze’s sustainable development commitment.

But now, we want to go one step further. We want to offer our platform to financial institutions. In this way, they will be able to analyze the sustainability level of each company and take it into account when granting loans. Thus, those companies that are not sustainable will be penalized or improved.

Discover if your insured SMEs are sustainable

At Wenalyze, we have contributed to target 9.3 of SDG 9 for the development of sustainable communities and cities. We want to continue collaborating with this SDG so that small industries have better access to financial services, such as affordable credit or their integration into value chains and markets.

Apart from being more than a year contributing to target 9.3 on sustainable communities and cities, we have also contributed to SDG 5 on gender equality and SDG 13 on climate action.

ODS Wenalyze 11 ciudades y comunidades sostenibles

Wenalyze and the environment

As for SDG 13, since we are capable of analyzing environmental variables, we also want to contribute to target 13.1, which is to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters in all countries. The more companies are committed to sustainability, the more we will be able to contain climate change.

In the past, we have already taken actions to achieve this SDG: we have migrated information-gathering systems, robots, and machine computing to the cloud, reducing our CO2 emissions by up to 88%.

Wenalyze ODS 13 acción climática

Our Gender Equality commitment

As for SDG 5, we are contributing to the target 5.5, which ensures the full and effective participation of women and equal leadership opportunities. Therefore, one of our objectives is to accelerate equality at high levels of responsibility, especially in the software development and data science departments.

Wenalyze’s sustainable development commitment does not end here. Through small actions, we can all do our bit to stop climate change.

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