Why insurers should start implementing Big Data Analytics
Published on 23 de November de 2021
Big Data in the Insurance Sector with Wenalyze

Did you know that 2 out of 3 insurers are applying Big Data in their underwriting processes? In case you are wondering what the meaning of the term Big Data is and how to relate it to the insurance industry, today we are going to explain to you how it works and how to apply it in an efficient way.

What is the meaning of Big Data and its relation with Insurance

Big Data is the massive analysis of large data sets that provide a wide range of information that does not stop growing. The application of Big Data in the insurance industry allows insurers to get to know better the clients in different aspects such as fraud risks, their preferences, etc.

Big Data in insurance helps to know better the client - wenalyze
Big Data analytics helps insurers to know better their clients

Why this is the perfect moment for Big Data

Despite the crisis after the pandemic, calculations have shown that the insurance industry will move around $5050,31 Billion during this year. This is the reason why most insurance companies are innovating and installing new technologies such as Big Data Analytics.

Insurance industry will move 5050,31 billion dolars this year - wenalyze
The insurance industry moves billions of dollars per year


Big Data Analytics brings the sector different opportunities. For example, it is possible to process clients’ data and keep it updated thanks to the Open Data analysis that collects information in real-time. Any changes or updates are developed immediately. This has a positive impact on the data quality of the clients , in other words, great benefits.

Real time analysis of insurance clients information thanks to big data analytics - wenalyze
One possible application of Big Data in the sector is the analysis in real-time of clients' data


The implementation of data science by insurers will lead them to get to know better their clients in different aspects. For example, thanks to the analysis of Big Data, it is possible to spot irregularities. Also, it is possible to update and complete all information that is deficient, making insurers save time and save millions of dollars per year by considering more accurate data.

Benefits of Big Data in the insurance sector, wenalyze
Some of the benefits of Big Data Analytics for insurers are the possibility of saving money and time

For these reasons, more and more insurers become part of the change. Digitalization inside underwriting departments is already happening, and soon, insurance companies that do not get adapted to the latest developments will experience how their competitors keep growing whilst their own benefits reduce.

The implementation of Big Data Analytics in insurance is simple. There is no need to create from scratch a new department. Nowadays, there are Insurtech companies that are focused on Data Analytics for Insurance, as for example, Wenalyze.

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