Why do we need a technological transformation inside the insurance sector
Published on 1 de June de 2021

The insurance sector is known for its invariable services. Since its origins, it has been always offering the same: insurance products that satisfied certain needs. But, what about now? As we have already discussed in previous entries, we are living in the digital era but, to which extent do we need to apply the technological transformation inside the insurance sector?  

Today we will explain you 5 reasons why this is time to innovate inside the insurance industry:

1. Fast-Changing world 

Changes occur faster than ever, and, even if you are doubting whether you really need to innovate or waiting a bit longer, you should consider that younger generations are digital nomads. In other words, they were born among new technologies, and they get used to them in the blink of an eye. So, it is a good idea to double think and plan to incorporate new technologies soon.  

2. Take and advantage of the information: 

Now more than ever, it is easier to access to information that is available online. Open Data, IoT, AI… All these technologies help us to gather large amounts of information focused on make our daily lives easier. We can make profit out of them by analyzing the data for predicting risks, update information in record times, etc.  

3. Changes in the consumerism habits of the people 

Try to think about your next holidays. How are you going to book them? Probably online. And that is what it is already happening with insurance services as well. Consumers analyze data such as prices, extra services, and compare different options by their own. And then they contract the one that adapts better to their necessities.   

4. Custom policies

Internet of Things can also be used to study the behavior of our clients for personalizing the products that we offer and then, creating policies according to their habits. For example, pay-per-use products, contact through app notifications, contact through social media channels, etc.  

5. Explore the opportunities that align in the best way to your company’s values 

It is important that each insurance company finds its own processes. For this reason, you can start by creating new networks inside the innovation ecosystem, cooperate with technological enterprises such as InsurTechslearn from each other, take decisions…