Workshop: AI and BigData, the Insurtech’s drivers
Published on 13 de December de 2021
Workshop Infinitech H2020 AI and Machine Learning insurance Wenalyze

If we look back to two years ago, digitalization has been transforming the world. Talking about the Fintech and Insurtech landscape, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we are enabling faster and more effective solutions. These apply for a wide range of use-cases, from financial trading to fraud detection, and more. They are the Insurtech’s drivers.

To stay up-to-date, we organized a new workshop within the INFINITECH H2020 consortium in which we presented the latest innovations for the fintech and insurtech industries. This workshop was called “AI and BigData, the Insurtech’s drivers“.

You can watch the recording following this link:

INFINITECH, a 21 million Euro Horizon 2020 flagship project funded by European Commission. It aims to lower the barriers to entry and define new standards and practices for the utilization and uptake of novel BigData – IoT and AI-driven innovations, by industries in the Financial sector.

These were the sessions and the speakers:

Introduction by Carmen Perea, ATOS Spain

– Pilot 11: Artificial Intelligence applied to driving profiling and enhanced risk estimation: INFINITECH use case implementation by Ignacio Elicegui, ATOS Spain

– Pilot 12: Personalized Health Insurance Products by Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis, Innovation Sprint

– Pilot 13: AI insurance risk selection & insurance products’ recommender for SME’s by Carlos Albo, Wenalyze

– Pilot 14: Infinitech AgI toolbox: Big Data and Climate risk analysis for the Agriculture Insurance sector, in the face of climate crisis by Grigoris Mygdakos, Agro Apps

Speakers H2020 Infinitech WS
Speakers of the workshop

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