Wenalyze supports SMEs as motors of our economies
In the UK, SMEs account for 99,9% of the business population. Our mission is to protect them by implementing our own technology and providing insurers, banks, and financial institutions with our solution to know them better.
How to help SMEs by implementing Wenalyze
SMEs are often at risk. During challenging economic times, they are vulnerable to financial difficulties and even bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, insurance companies have 47% of their data wrong, leading to underinsurance and premium leakage.

This is why Wenalyze is here. We update SME data, enabling insurers and banks to offer them the right coverage.

Why Wenalyze?

At Wenalyze we have 3 core values:

Because our technology and experience make commercial insurance simpler.


Our team is formed of 17 passionate professionals. We are a balanced team with synergies between a passionate new generation and an experienced team in insurance.

We are funded by: