There is a whole world of information that nobody is analyzing
In 2018, an experienced team in the Insurance Industry realized that there was a big problem: the data that insurers used for their processes were mostly wrong or outdated.

Motores del cambio dentro del sector asegurador Wenalyze Insurtech
Make simpler and update data analytics processes
Here is where that team decided to change the rules of Insurance and develop a solution to fix the problem. This is solution is Wenalyze.

With AI and Open Data, we help banks and insurers to obtain actionable data useful for making risk assessment and underwriting processes precise and simpler.

Why Wenalyze?

At Wenalyze we have 3 core values:

Because our technology makes simplicity out of complexity


Our team is formed by 17 passionate professionals. We are a balanced team with synergies between a passionate new generation and an experienced team in insurance.

We are funded by: